Thursday, 28 February 2013

Flamingo socks and a tip for magic loop knitting

I started to knit these socks in January. My sister found a cool flamingo pattern for mittens from Ravelry and I designed these socks inspired by that flamingo pattern. I know my mom likes flamingos so I gave the finished socks for a birthday present to her.

First I used double pointed needles because I remembered the awful mess with the yarns when I tried magic loop for the first time. I left the other one to rest while knitting the other one.

I wanted to knit the heel with double pointed needles also.

Then after the heel I'm usually getting bored and want to speed it up so I can start to knit something new. I decided to try the magic loop again and this time it went very well. And here is the tip for magic loop knitting: put the yarns of the other sock inside the sock. (Like in the picture.) It helps if the balls are quite small, but it can be done with a larger balls too. This way the yarns can't be tangled and the magic loop knitting is really easy and fun!



  1. These are really really great...I wish I could knit like that...maybe one day!!

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  2. I love your socks! Great job :)

  3. how hard was it to convert the pattern to do socks I want to do these as a birthday gift for my mom and Im buying the glove pattern but dont know how to convert it to the sock pattern

    1. Hi Michelle,
      It took me some time to figure out the measurements of the sock when I was designing it. Luckily I managed to figure it out. If you want I could send the sock pattern to you via email. I will have it ready in a couple of days. Just leave your email here, so I know where to send it.
      But please do buy the original glove pattern, because it's really nice design from her! :)