Thursday, 28 February 2013

Flamingo socks and a tip for magic loop knitting

I started to knit these socks in January. My sister found a cool flamingo pattern for mittens from Ravelry and I designed these socks inspired by that flamingo pattern. I know my mom likes flamingos so I gave the finished socks for a birthday present to her.

First I used double pointed needles because I remembered the awful mess with the yarns when I tried magic loop for the first time. I left the other one to rest while knitting the other one.

I wanted to knit the heel with double pointed needles also.

Then after the heel I'm usually getting bored and want to speed it up so I can start to knit something new. I decided to try the magic loop again and this time it went very well. And here is the tip for magic loop knitting: put the yarns of the other sock inside the sock. (Like in the picture.) It helps if the balls are quite small, but it can be done with a larger balls too. This way the yarns can't be tangled and the magic loop knitting is really easy and fun!



  1. These are really really great...I wish I could knit like that...maybe one day!!

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  2. I love your socks! Great job :)

  3. Can you send me the pattern for the flamingo socks.. Thank you